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We are the leading and fast-growing Herbal and Alternative health provider in Ghana. It was founded in 2011 by Professor Noble Stephen Yeboah an experienced herbal practitioner and a research fellow. A member of the West Africa Nobles Forum. Lucky Herbal was adjudged the leading Herbal Medicine practitioner in west Africa. We were also acknowledged by the pillars of modern Ghana Awards and received a Life Time achievement Award in Herbal Medicine practice in July 2015. Lucky Herbal Hospital is a herbal entity registered with operational offices in the Republic of Ghana. Africa is endowed with plants and herbs that are medicinal and have proven to be potent in curing various ailments battling human lives. In spite of this, the continent is faced with poor health conditions that make it lag behind in its sustainable human resource development. This is because the concept of plant medicine has not been fully recognized and incorporated into the mainstream health care delivery system. Lucky Herbal Hospital, therefore, uses plant medicine to cure various illnesses in line with the Millennium Development Goals. We are also advocating for the promotion of other productive global issues such as health and sanitation, unemployment, and improving healthy living. 

To promote the use of exercise, herbal medicine and healthy lifestyle to heal and alleviate patients of their various illness. 

To treat diseases beyond the superficial symptoms and strive to provide permanent healing in today’s fast paced world using verbal medicine.

At Lucky Herbal Clinic, our vision is simple, providing you and your family with excellent Herbal medical care in a family-centered environment. We genuinely believe in one center of care for the entire family. We will adhere to the highest standards of care to ensure you get the care you deserve

We got acknowledged by the pillars of modern Ghana Awards and received a Life Time achievement Award in Herbal Medicine practice in July 2015

The facility has a conducive environment for their treatment. Including; Separate wards for both Males and Females, Laboratory rooms, scanning room, Outpatient Department, Consultation room, Production departments and warehouse for the production and storage of our herbal products. 


Noble Stephen Yeboah

Director & CEO

Professor Noble Stephen Yeboah is a leading personality in Herbal medicine sector in Ghana and beyond. He is an entrepreneur, Philanthropist. He had his education in Ghana and some parts of the world in Herbal medicine. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Lucky Yeb Group of companies. He is the head of various companies in Ghana; including Lucky Herbal Hospital, Lucky Television, Yeb Guesthouse, Yeb oil company Ltd. As part of his cooperate social responsibilities, He organises Free Health Screenings for the poor and needy in the communities in order for them to get access to medical health care.

He also invest in the physically Challenged individuals bringing them all together under one canopy. However, providing them with job opportunities in his company. professor Noble Stephen Yeboah has won several awards within Ghana and some parts of the world including China, United Kingdom,United State, South Africa and Canada


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